Mother Knows Best

Trust is Earned
Forgiveness Takes Time
Faith Is Life’s Key

My mother always said if you don’t trust someone don’t be around them.  Simple.  Distance yourself.  The Bible says there are double the angels around us in God’s name than there are of the devil’s bad guys.  Good odds on the one that you will trust is the right one.  The way I see it, trust is earned and forgiveness takes time.  When someone hurts you or deceives you….it takes lots of forgiveness time.  On the other hand, some people just have the knack to continue to hurt others. Lying, cheating, and full of deceit.  In those cases…forgiveness may take forever.  Again, like trust, stay away from the hurt and pain of someone who doesn’t see the painting exactly the way you do.  Faith is God’s way of keeping us on the right track.  A comparison ….two railroad tracks….side by side.  One track has a train that travels along steady, slows down to enjoy life.  Then you have the other track.  The fast track.  Where the train goes barreling along  to get to it’s destination quickly.  Not slowing down or stopping to help others, view or take in the surroundings.  God wants us to board that first train.  Too many take the second one. 

I believe that life has it’s cycles, it’s seasons, it’s rotations and plans.  Each season or cycle, has a reason…a plan for you.  God has given a plan to you at that particular stage of your life.  You are here for a reason.  Magoo was here in stage one to play out the will of God.  Magoo, was an Eagle Scout,  fought in the war (WW ll), started Big Brothers Big Sisters of Houston, led the community, helped start Lakeside country Club, raised,with my mother, my brother and me, and lived season one to it’s fullest.  Prudent, to say the least.  Now he has been birthed into his spiritual season.  The cycle of hope and love.  Magoo is reunited with Leila, his wife of 57 years, his granddaughter-in-law,Michele, and his great grandson, Daniel.  Ha..all I have to do to talk to Michele is turn on my app for Ghost Radar.  She is always messing with me.  We used to love to do that together and torment the spirits. 

Do you remember things that your mother threatened you with when you were young?  Stuff like..”I brought you into this world, I can take you out”…”Just keep it up”….”wipe that smirk off your face”…”clean that plate, people are starving all over the world”…..”take the bus, I had to walk six miles in the snow to school”….”think about what you did, in fact, think about it in your room”…”now you’ve done it”….”you’d better be home by midnight”….”clean your room or I’ll make you live in it”…”and just how old are you”?…..”do you think that’s funny?, I’ll show you funny”…. or “I’ll knock you to the next planet”.  That kind of stuff.  First of all, what was I supposed to wipe a smirk off with?  Mom you lived one block from the school, did you need a GPS?.  Why do I have to think about what I did…it’s already been done and I love my room, send me there anytime.  If I’m not home by midnight do I turn into a pumpkin?  How old am I?  Mom..if you don’t know , who does?  I thought I was showing you funny!  If I have to be knocked to the next planet, can we go shopping for things for me to wear on Venus?   The funny part is…I said them to my three kids too.  Just something about mom’s and their hand me down theories.  And I always thought mom had lost her mind.  Where did you come up with that?  And good ole Magoo,  dad needed nothing but “THAT LOOK” and my brother and I went running!

It’s really amusing what you think about when you are orphaned.  Hard to believe both of them are gone.  But only gone from season one.  I will meet them one day in season two.  So next blog will be on the adventures Bill and I had while in Las Vegas and a few funnies from the hospital time with Magoo.  I never got to pass on the wonderful get-away to Vegas.  You know Bill screwed something up…right?

Thinking of you all and wanted all to know that Magoo’s Obit is on the George H. Lewis and Sons website…under obits and his name Oved S. Essary.   I have to call to correct a few errors but the pictures are great.  We are planning a “Celebration of Life” sometime in the future. 


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