We have lost Magoo

This blog will be short and sweet.  My dad passed away last night at the ripe old age of 98.  He had a wonderful life full of adventure and fun.  We will all miss him terribly… especially his little dog Lilly.  Lani and I were at his side when he met Jesus.  He had an angel escort named Sandra…because he said her name.  This meant to us that my cousin Sandra, who passed on December 11TH, drew the “short straw” and had to haul his ass to Heaven.  He went peacefully calling us to his bedside and saying “come see me for the last time”.  We said our love for each other and talked about who he would see in Heaven.  Including his great grandson that passed away with Michele in her womb, only one month earlier.  He left this world with a smile on his lips, a legacy that is endless, and a load of family and friends that loved him dearly.   Details are pending for a celebration of life gathering here in Fulshear.   He will be cremated and will have his ashes here with us.  I dare not mix him with mom’s…who resides in her “jumping dolphin” urn, because we decided that there would be so much commotion going on in there that it would bounce right off the mantle.  After all mom’s been partying for 15 years without him!  She will probably meet him in the Macy’s in the sky and want to know if he brought his American Express card with him.  Don’t leave for the spiritual world without it!

Thank you so much for all your thoughts and prayers.  Magoo is in the arms of our Lord and knows he is and was loved.  From earthly hugs to Heavenly embraces…we love you dad!  Ride,Baby,Ride!


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